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Muay Thai

Commonly referred to within society as Thai Boxing, the fighting style of Muay Thai is an age old martial art which was developed and perfected in combat by the powerful warriors of feudal Thailand. Presently, the art of Muay Thai is practiced nearly everywhere in the world. The Navy SEALs of the United States, the Thai military, and even our very own CIA makes complete use of the powerful and obliterating techniques that this deadly fighting style brings to the table.

Not like many other fighting styles, Muay Thai students do not achieve colored belts when they advance within the ranks. Alternatively, their skills are only ever tested within combat.  Ever since the Muay Thai style was created, all the fighters have cared about are winning the championships and showing the world that they are the absolute best Muay Thai fighters.

All of the techniques that the Muay Thai style teaches are much more destructive to other physical strike based fighting styles. This style does not use much in the way of grapple attacks and focuses much more on destructive kicks, punches and absolutely bone crunching elbows. Muay Thai users can actually beat their opponents with only one hit, many times even shattering their bones or ending their life with a single fatal elbow or kick.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai doesn’t incorporate submission holds or ground grappling because there were usually many different attackers when the style was created in the ancient combat zones of Thailand. These particular opponents were usually very competent in sword combat, which is the reason why an effective fighting style was required.

The Muay Thai style used various weapons and tactics, like spears, swords, sticks, and hard physical blows. Within this area of combat, you would not want the encounter to move to the ground. The fighter’s weapon swings and physical blows needed to be strong, quick and very accurate. With things the way they were within the environment of ancient Thailand, the Muay Thai fighting style had to be an incredibly quick and reflexive martial art with a great weapon system.

While submissions and grapple holds were in the works for the Muay Thai style, it actually became much more of a fighting ring sport before the founders could add grapple holds to the mix. Since Muay Thai was initially a fighting style for the purpose of physical striking, many fighters have begun to use the abilities that have been shown to work extremely effectively with boxing.

Even though there are many other fighting styles that seem to emphasize physical blows, the Muay Thai style is not the same. The first way this style is unique is the way it effectively uses both the knees and the elbows. These knee and elbow attacks that are used with many of the Muay Thai abilities are feared throughout the world by many other types of fighters.

Using powerful kicks and devastating knee blows is the main focus of the Muay Thai style. The way a fighter becomes proficient in kicking, they need to strengthen their shins, which can cause them a lot of pain. Once the fighter conditions their shins for the necessary amount of impact, they will be used a lot like a baseball bat or other blunt force weapons. You would really need to see this for yourself in action, as the audible sound of the shin impact has the tendency to send chills down your spine.

After many years of practice and training, Muay Thai stylists become dangerous and fatal warriors. A skilled Muay Thai fighter can make lethal impact, which means that their shins, elbows or knees are, in most cases, even more dangerous than a firearm or other kind of weapon. This is why the Muay Thai style is one of the most feared and most lethal fighting styles in existence.

To sum things up, the Muay Thai style is a fantastic fighting style for self-defense as well as competition. Muay Thai is easily one of the most effective fighting styles in the world, and it is proven again and again, both in the past as well as the present.

Here are a couple highlight clips of several kick boxing matches:

Below is a video of Muay Thai pad drills:

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