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The fighting style known as Capoeira was initially founded more than four centuries ago in the country of Brazil by African slaves. This fighting style is very different from the other styles in existence, and it involves a combination of strength, grace, spiritual harmony, rhythm, and an incredible amount of art and beauty.

As it was founded, the style of Capoeira showed people that anyone could learn it, no matter their age, weight, or size. This fighting style is even more than just a martial art, but a traditionally and historically rich social event as well. Capoeira is definitely a strong and formidable fighting style, showing an amalgamation of dancing, musical rhythm, exotic movements, and even games.

People who spectate upon the games of Capoeira will first notice the music. The music as well as the vocals are an important aspect of how the games of Capoeira (called jogo) are performed. For the ones playing the game, there exist many varying rhythms that require different rates of movement. Upon spectating upon these games, the viewers are often incredibly surprised by these spectacular dance moves. The game of jogo involves a large circle on the ground, with the ones playing the music on the edges of the circle, and the Capoeira stylists inside the middle of the circle.

capoeira for self defenseWhen the stylists begin playing the game, they move into the circle while performing a stylish handspring, a cartwheel, or some other variety of impressive physical movement. As the player moves into the circle, they will take turns performing many different amalgamations of rhythmic dance moves and impressive acrobatic displays. Capoeira requires many years of training and dedication to become skilled in the game of jogo, because it is necessary to be agile, precise, and incredibly accurate within your performance of the Capoeira techniques.

In terms of self-defense, the style of Capoeira is actually very effective, as each move and ability will take your opponents by surprise and will be incredibly complicated to guard against. The attacker will most likely be unaware of what moves the stylist will throw at them next. A student of Capoeira can guard themselves by using the rhythmic techniques and aerobic movements that they may not even have realized were possible before learning the art of Capoeira.

The game of jogo and fighting style of Capoeira are incredibly popular in the country of Brazil, with many people eager to learn it every day. The style is not very big in the USA, however, although there are places to learn it. In the continent of South America, Capoeira is considered to be more of a way of life, with the rhythmic games of jogo being performed nearly every day. Many students of martial arts tend to be uninterested in learning Capoeira, simply because the techniques and movements can be slightly risky. When you’ve seen the style, however, the movements and performance can definitely make you cringe.

During the last several years, this fighting style has really gotten big. Back in ’74, Capoeira actually became the country of Brazil’s national sport, which showed that it was an accepted martial art by pretty much every Brazilian citizen. As we move forward in time, you should expect many more tournaments and Capoeira schools to show up, which will show this great fighting style to many more people to come.

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